What Lives within YOU?

Landi and I stopped for a few days with our great friend Hilary Carter, Author of the highly successful 11:11 code.

Her second book… ‘No Name No Number is about her purchase in Montingac France of an ancient convent, dating back to the 11th century. Surrounded by a Turret, one of twelve and the only surviving one of a fortress, this town has been fought over many times and occupied by a special group of the SS in WWII.
Landi and I arrived to have Hilary tell us we were sleeping inside with the ghosts while she assumed a tent in the back yard. Captured by the history of the place and forever inquisitive I wanted to know all of what happened there. It turns out that her front gate borders onto a lane (only about 4 ft wide) that was the English, French border during the wars of the 11th century. A lot of blood was shed at that gate.
We head downstairs to the cave beneath the house. Her home overlooks the Lascaux caves just a couple of kilometres away, where some of the earliest human paintings have been found. People had been living beneath her house for tens of thousands of years.
Armed with a pendulum and a spade and pick we started uncovering the past, removing slabs of flooring that were at least 700 years old. We found broken glass, some bone fragments, even a bats claw. All the time guided by a mystical light  that pinpointed where we should head next.
After an hour we stopped, as we realised the treasure was not beneath the house, even though we found other alcoves and caves that sprung off the first. In fact the treasure was within Hilary herself.
As above, so below
As within, so without
Hilary had bought the convent, as it mirrored what was within her, what she needed to find. It mirrored her completely. A simple front to the world and deep and secretive inner self. Whilst we dug we heard children laughing all around, and felt entities, and saw pictures of people forming out of the natural rock. Yet all the time what we saw was the reflection of Hilary, the beautiful soul seeking it’s place in our world
As within, so without
As above, so below
Question; What is within you that needs to come out?
Question: What physical space have you chosen because it represents what is inside you.
Truth: Your environment is a mirror of who you are and what you are feeling inside. Look around. You may think you are hiding your secrets. You aren’t

Gaudi the Templar

You may know that Gaudi was never taken seriously until salvador Dali said he should be.

Commencing in 1882 Gaudi drove the structure until he was hit by a tram in 1926 on the way to work. His legacy was 20% complete. Yet he was smart enough to low he would never complete it and let drawings and patterns that could be interpreted by those who came after him. It is meant to be finished in 2026, 100 years after his death.
In La Sagrada Familia, one of the most stunning and famous churches of the world there are some fascinating structures. There are 3 facades… nativity, passion and glory representing shades of Jesus life, a magic square where all of the add ups diagonally, horizontally and vertically add up to 33, the master mason number. Gaudi’s main sponsor was Guell, whom he created a park for full of masonic symbology.
Those of you that love the movie AVATAR will clearly see it represented in the tree of life that covers one of the facades. this tree, which sees jesus at the top comes down to the roots at the bottom in disciples and ordinary folk. It is covered with undescript rman soldiers,  the animals of Noahs ark in pairs and other symbology, and most importantly. jesus is depicted in the church as a man, not a god.
Did Gaudi build La sagrada Familia to the code of Freemasonary knowing he would never finish it, but master masons that came after would?
It is one of the most stunning churches in the world and for centuries will never be supposed.

Books live as do you and I

You go to a cemetery and the sign says. Joan Smith 1945 – 2015 Mother of two and all round awesome person. My question is – did that person ever live? What was her legacy? Most people think children are their legacy…. hymn, so if that is true tell me three stories about your grandparents…. struggling – well you are not alone. Most people can’t do it.

Yet I walk into the Old Joanine Library in Coimbra in Portugal and pick up an old book written in the 17th century and can immediately be placed in that persons life, views, way they see the world. its stunning. That’s why should at least blog, but I always make sure my most profound stuff is in an ISBN catalogued booked held at various libraries. That’s the way to create legacy.
What stuns me about the Coimbra library, located in the University is its stunning facades. Take the three ceiling paintings for example in the main section. The second section spoke to Landi and i – It said Honour, Virtue, Fortune and Reputation, the four values of the University. It reminded us of our five values in our family crest we had completed in 2014, Love, Beauty, Travel, Freedom and Fun. This is what we live by. We also now most people have never thought of their values and if they have, it’s not normally theirs it is their parents or teachers values they are living.
We sat down last year and completed our own and we live by them, and make every decision by them.
One of the oldest books is the Latin Bible (1462), just 48 lines. I couldn’t read that but transcribed it has all of what is relevant and important in it. Even the bible has ‘white noise’ in my feeling. If you come to Portugal then visit this place, commissioned in 1717 by King Joao. Look at the symbology, the works of art, the clock in the square, the statue of the King and listen to the often played haunting fado that seeps up from the streets of magical old Coimbra below and you too will be transposed into a time past, when chivalry abounded.
Question: Do you know what your core values are? If not – now might be a good time to write them down.
Truth: Most people leave no legacy. Writing is one way of leaving a legacy that could last centuries.


A Quinta da Regaleira is one of the most surprising of all Sintra’s monuments. Located on the outskirts of the town, it was built 1904 e 1910, in the last days of the Portuguese monarchy.

This romantic property formerly belonging to the Viscondessa da Regaleira, was acquired and enlarged by António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro (1848-1920) as his favourite country estate. His vast fortune earned him the nickname of Monteiro dos Milhões, (Moneybags Monteiro). He commissioned this unique project of house and landscape from the Italian set-designer and architect Luigi Manini (1848-1936) whose genius, along with the mastery of sculptors, stonemasons, craftsmen who had formerly Palace Hotel do Buçaco, created this magical place.


Monteiro was a master mason who ammassed a great fortune through Coffee in Brazil. The property is his legacy to alchemy and is symoblozed with the Templars wisdom, masonry and the knowledge of the Rosecrucians. He had a tomb built on the property. The door of the tomb, also encrusted with symbolism as is the whole site which si based on the Templars view of the Cosmos, was opened with the same key that opened the Palácio da Regaleira and his palace in Lisbon, on the Rua do Alecrim. As visitors enter the cemetery grove, they encounter the tomb on the left, with the orientation, size, and shape of a Masonic temple, oriented towards the east. It is covered in various symbols. The door knocker is engraved with a bee carrying a skull. The bee, which is diligent and hard-working, represents the Mason in his organized work. The gradeamento which can be seen in the back of the tomb, is festooned with the symbolic wine and bread, the spirit and the body. There are also decorative owls, symbolizing wisdom, as well as poppies, the symbol of eternal sleep.
The most fascinating part is the Initiation Well. 27 metres deep (27 being the number of the secret master in masonry) – I stood at the bottom of the well a spiral and a strange lightness came over me. Landi snapped a photo, which saw me being initiated by a rainbow of light. From that moment I felt much more light and in my dreams that night everything became light, laughter and as if the joker had been released.
Question: Have you read Initiation by Elizabeth Haisch? (Simply the best book ever on remembering a past life, written by a ninety year old about Egypt)
Question: When you travel do you just look through a lens or do you look for deeper meaning. Do you see it? Do you even know what to look for?
To help you know more of what to look for next time you go and visit anything old, look at the symbols engraved, the numbers… whether it faces directly east on the solstice. If you see a master number, 11, 13, 27, 81… then you may just have uncovered what everyone misses entirely.
So what is the purpose of the gardens?
The answer is ‘curiosity’. They are beautifully crafted to inspire your curiosity about alchemy.

Spirals in Ireland

When you visit the great Irish sites of Loath and Newgrnge one of the first things you will notice is the representation of the Spiral.

The spiral itself is one of the five shapes that occur naturally in the world. Think sea shells and the conical of your ear or the birth of a palm frond. All are spirals as is our galaxy itself.
The triple spiral at the entrance to Newgrange represents the Holy Trinity, from a time well before anything biblical even happened. According to Uriel’s Machine by Knight and Lomas (2003), the triple spiral may represent the nine-month period of human pregnancy, since the sun takes a fourth of a year to go from the celestial equator (an equinox) to extreme north or south declination (a solstice), and vice versa.
In fact the most unique symbol here – the Triskellion links Ireland to initially the Minoans from Crete, who lived in Ireland during the bronze age where they set up mines throughout differing UK sites and previously the Sumerians, all of whom honour the spiral.
Im from New Zealand and recently standing stones have been located in Northland with celtic spirals similar to Newgrange. Called the Opito stones they are standing stones that speak of an age old culture in New Zealand. Coupled with this is the Kaimanawa wall, an ancient prehistoric wall found deep in the Kaimanawa ranges in New Zealand.
Questions and the truth.
  1. Are all of these linked… ireland …sumeria…. minoans… and new zealand
  2. ANSWER – The Minoans were stunning sea farers and travelled to the USA, Canada and Caribbean in the Bronze age, over 3,000 years ago… yet, what we have here and the links is much older.
Lastly, even in Modern day Dublin, you will see the ancient symbolism is not lost. Rarely around the world will you find buildings with spirals etched in. Preserving the mysticism of the past.

Is the Rosetta stone right?

So what is the Rosetta stone? I have always been fascinated by it for two reasons.
  1. It was a true battle between French and British during the 19th century but with Chivalry and no one died
  2. Who created it? The fact relates that whoever created it was on the same quest that we were on in the modern era.
The Rosettta stone was found at the very top of Egypt. It is a totally unique piece of material. Carved on it arre hieroglyphs, but also Greek and a Demotic script. It was carved in 196BC and is about a decree of King Ptolemy.
Mike at the Rosetta Stone

Mike at the Rosetta Stone

This meant that upon it’s discovery in 1799 by one of Napoleans soldiers that hieroglyphs, which had been a mystery to the modern world for millennia could be translated… why… because we could read ancient greek, and if we could do that then we could read the strange symbols of the egyptian past.

The race was on between the French, headed by the academic and elderly Champollion and the English and much younger Thomas Young, who eventually cracked the code by a very small margin.
It wasn’t a simple thing to do the translations because you are of course assuming that ancient egyptian reads left to right. Yet in fact it can read in any direction, 4 directions to be fair.
Finally it was done, allowing us to read the beautiful inscriptions all over egypt from all time, including the Book of the Dead at Saqqara, the most stunning and most ancient text of all.
So let’s wrap this up with a question and a piece of truth very few people know.
  1. The question – Did the Ancient Greeks that translated this stone know what they were doing? If not, then maybe we have hieroglyphs all wrong. Remember that this was unlikely to be an academic peer reviewed piece of work, maybe it was just a hobby in someones back yard, and we are basing the whole knowledge of egypt on that
  2. Egyptian Heiroglyphs are 3 dimensional. If you stare at them, particularly something like the list of kings on the wall at Abydos, they come alive. They become like an old animated picture. Think Mickey Mouse circa 1928. In 2014, we had a whole group use diffusion and convergence and many of the group jumped in shock as they released the wall came alive in front of them.
So have we got it right or is the Rosetta stone simply leading us in an entirely wrong path.

Using Outlook and Saving Time

Written by Robyn Pearce www.gettingagrip.com

I’ve just been running a ‘Getting a Grip on Email, Paper and the Office Environment’ workshop for a large Government department in Wellington. Here are two email tips that got the folks really excited. They couldn’t wait to get back to their desks and start using them. I’ll share the instructions in Outlook 2010, and if you have a different version or system, your Help menu will guide you.

  1. Turn off your alert – it is one of the most insidious interrupters.
    You almost never need to know you’ve just received yet another email but very few of us can ignore a beep or flashing message. When our energy is low or the current task is challenging it is way too easy to be distracted.The path is: File/Options/Mail/Message Arrival – and then untick all four options.

Now, instead of constantly dodging in and out of your email system, hounded by pings and flashes, you’re in chargEmail envelopee. You will choose how often you wish to communicate, and when. Put your focus on your high-value work and do email in suitable gaps.

You might want to add something extra in your standard email signature to indicate your changed practice. One of my Australian speaker colleagues has the following just under his name:

‘Please call me if you need a quick response.’ His phone number is just below.

Or you might say something like: ‘I reply to my emails a few times a day. Please phone …. if your query is urgent.’

  1. To save unnecessary keystrokes, turn anything you repeatedly write into a ‘Signature’.
    It might be driving instructions, a basic proposal outline, invitations to an event, a promotion you wish to market, seasonal greetings, instructions to the printer – and that’s just for starts. I have about 12 signatures to choose from.

You can write directly into the Signature wizard (detailed below) but it’s quite a small box. I find it faster and easier to create elsewhere. Usually I’ll copy the required text from a new email, or if it’s a large block of information you might grab it from an existing document. Highlight the block of text and copy it. (Shortcut Ctrl + C = Copy).

In Outlook, File/Options/Mail/Signatures/. Choose ‘New’, give it a name, and then drop in your block of text. Choose OK.

When you’re in the message area of an email you’re composing and ready for your block of text, place your cursor in the relevant place and then choose the Signature button on the ribbon above. If you’ve got more than one signature you’ll see a down arrow. Click on the arrow and all your signatures will be listed. One click and your text of choice is inserted. Voila!

There may be things you need to change, but getting the ‘bones’ into an email will save you significant time.

A couple of signature work-arounds, due to some clunky Outlook programming:
Once you’ve set up the new signature, go back and open Signatures again. You’ll find (on the right hand side) that what you’ve just set up has become the default for every new outgoing email. We don’t want this, so just reset to ‘None’ for outgoing mail, which allows you to pick whichever signature is relevant.

One other annoying Outlook 10 feature – you can only choose one signature. Pick another and your first choice vanishes in a puff of digital smoke. If you want two or more blocks of text, open another email box, drop the second signature in there and then cut and paste.

There are other ways to create templates (for that’s what this form of signature really is). This one is my favourite.


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