Pulse – Natures Food

Reproduced from Don Tolman – http://www.thedontolman.com

When I was just months over eight years of age, I attended some friends Sunday school class.

I sat enthralled as sister lake told the story of Daniel from chapter one in the Old Testament book of that same name.  I was thrilled to hear that four young men who had refused to eat the meat, wine and dainties of the kings appointed food allotment for them, had decided instead to eat just pulse and water.

After only ten days, it was obvious that they were healthier, and doing better than all of the young people dining upon the kings menu.

The story went on to declare that at the end of three years on pulse and water, these four young men where, in fact, tested out as being ten times smarter in all learning and problem solving skills than all of the learned men and the kings entire realm, which at that time was most of the known world.

It is an understatement to say that I went home that day filled with the thrill of wonder and awe.  I wouldn’t shut up about Pulse and water.  I drove my mum, family and friends nuts.  I had to have some, now!!!! 

Little did I know at the time that it would be a 17-year search as an adult to find what Pulse in fact is, and the simple profound wisdom behind it, in it and through it.

My Pulse Quest took me into large University information repositories, libraries of every size and kind, microfilm assembles, rear book collections of religious institutes seminaries, synagogues, scholastic lectures on ancient records, museums, international exhibitions, the British museum, the library of congest, the Smithsonian compound, displays, scrolls, parchment galleries, biblioethcaries, private and public athenaeums, halls filled with bibliothecastacks, reference rooms, tunnels, caverns of dusty ancient manuscripts, publications and transliterations and in the end from all of this, I carried nuggets of information from nearly every corner of human enquiry.

Much of what I had been exposed to though, felt like academic trivia.  It left me feeling empty.  I had not found a single presentation of any depth of understanding that would shed light or even hint as to the contents and form of Pulse.  With great disappointment and a heavy heart I quit; I gave up; I walked away. 

Two years later, through an accidental meeting of a wise old gentleman of letters and degrees, I was given a temporary appointment as a student researcher with its attendant responsibilities to the private architectonic instruments, documents and records collection of a world renowned consortium of ancient and arcane artifacts kept in, what they called, “The Den”,  also known to some as the Archiva Scriptorium.

It was here, while enjoying a daily ritual feast of words from minds of the past set in binders of translated papers with their accompanying scrolls or parchments that I found the object of my desire.

The defeated dream/quest of my youth was alive again, in the twinkling of an eye, the joy of a surprise resurrection.

I wept!

I laughed!

I trembled!

I took copious mental notes.  My memory etched each precious verse, and commentary into neutral stones to hang as plaques on the walls of my mind forever and ever.

Mental movies set alpha numerically by my minds eye for future viewing, and oh how I do watch them again and again.  I watch them at night, in the day, when I am busy and when I am not.

A dream came true, 10,000 times over, the sheer wonder of our minds, are memories and our imaginations as you’ll come to understand.

Pulse is the brilliance of natures table set to the music of seasons, measured in mathematical proportional harmonies according to an equation of life that appears colored and textured in keeping with the natural numerical science of smells and taste written in exact ratios of compass square, circle and field, gardens and groves, planting suns and harvesting moons.

Pulse is food for thought; Pulse is thought for food when the body is thought of in terms of the temple.  Pulse is usable, practical, applicable, timely and best of all, convenient.  Pulse is a meal in the form of snack; Pulse is a snack that is a meal.

Pulse eaten often fulfills the measure of its creation and helps you to fulfill the measure of yours.

Better Questions Create Better Careers (by Rik Schnabel)



Reposted from one of Rock Your Life’s global sages, Rik Schnabel. Find his blog at http://www.lifebeyondlimits.com.au/blog/)



A good friend of mine recently had a career dilemma. They didn’t like what they were doing for a job, but didn’t know what to do next. Have you ever felt that way?

The questions we ask ourselves can literally transform our lives, so I asked, what are you asking yourself about this issue. Their answer? “Why have I never been able to find a job I love?”


We’ve got to be careful when we ask ourselves “why” questions as our unconscious will obediently answer them. Her answer was (you guessed it) – “Because I have to work to pay my mortgage” and her other answer, “Because I just don’t know what I really want!”  So I asked her this question.

If you secretly knew what work (career might be too strong a word at this early stage) would make you happy; what would it look like, sound like or feel like?

Her answer didn’t surprise me because she loves helping people. She’s a natural problem solver. She’s a caring and nurturing person and the one that everyone seems to come to whenever there are issues to be resolved. She said, “I would love to do what you do (Life Coaching).” So I asked, “What’s stopping you?” and out came her bullet point lists and reasons why she thought she couldn’t become a Life Coach. She was overthinking the issue until it became a big problem and her overthinking had her believing she was doing something about her issue and stopped her from ever doing anything about it.

I said, “What if I could show you how you could learn how to become a Life Coach and keep your job and income until your Life Coach income matched or rose way above your current income – would you do it?

Her answer, simply – “Yes!” Problem gone.

Sometimes we over think our problems, otherwise known as hurdles to our progress. Overthinking when it leads to taking no action, is procrastination in disguise. While our thoughts around our issues might sound intelligent, it’s often far from it. Dogs and Cats rarely die from stress related illness – I think it’s because when they want to do something, they rarely think about it – they just do it!

Go ahead, just do the thing you know you must do and ask yourself better questions…

Rik Schnabel

PS: If you’re like my friend and would like to learn how to become a Life Coach – here’s the link to get the conversation started – http://www.lifebeyondlimits.com.au/nlp-training/life-coach-training.html

Dance with Me (by Glen Levy)

Dance with me – (reproduced from www.theglenlevy.com)

For those of you who have ever been a teenager or been unfortunate enough to have endured a teen “love story” movie, you will have inevitably witnessed a teen guy or girl “dancing it out” on their bed to some 80’s or 90’s hit track.

As much as this (cinematically) creates an urge in me to gauge my own eyes out, the actuality is, that dancing and listening to specific music is a great mood heightener. I will in fact do this to de-stress myself sometimes, in theodd event of a stressful circumstance in my life.

The acts of dancing and music are much older than most of us realize.Cultures throughout the world since the dawn of time, have useddance and music as tools to tell stories, pass on family traditions and facts, prepare for battle, intimidate the enemy, create unity as a group, celebrate harvests and weddings along with many, many other uses.

Dancing and music are an external expression of internal experiences, and when used properly, can connect the mind, body and spirit; each one expressing itself in beautiful or not so beautiful, but equally perfect, movement, sound, inner thought or emotion.

Want to get smarter and have better qualitative abilities over your emotions? There have been multiple studies that have concluded, long-term learning to play an instrument and or musical involvement will actually increase your brains ability to learn.

Norman M. Weinberger Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior at the University of California states that, long-term musical involvement reaps cognitive rewards–in language skills, reasoning and creativity–and boosts social adjustment. Music exercises the brain. Playing an instrument, for instance, involves vision, hearing, touch, motor planning, emotion, symbol interpretation–all of which activate different brain systems. This may be why some Alzheimer’s patients can perform music long after they have forgotten other things”. et al

This is above and beyond the “Mozart Effect” coined by Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis who was an internationally known otolaryngologist, and inventor.  The “Mozart Effect” which has been continuously misquoted, only showed a temporary increase in “spatial intelligence” lasting 15 minutes or so, the results were mistakenly interpreted as an increase in general IQ. The overlooked part of this scientific debate is the fact that listening to this music with its specific bpm (Beats per minute) and hertz had an actual effect at all.

It is now a well-known fact that music effects our mood, whether from the act of anchored emotions our purely being taken for a ride with the musicians “story”. Either way music’s ability to influence emotions is a valuable or damaging tool, music has such a heavy psychological and physiological impact over us that we can use or be governed by it.

In 1934, an American General George Owen Squire founded a corporation called ‘Muzak’, who marketed music in order increase worker efficiency. By the 1950s, ‘Muzak’ moved on to marketing background music, which they found increased sales in supermarkets, restaurants as well as many other places of business.

Wherever we go, whether we consciously register or not, there is sound and music being played to influence our mood and patterns of behavior. I cast no judgemeent on this fact, I am merely fascinated that so many people are unaware of this practice or its applications. I leave it to you to decide where you sit in this moral debate.

Yet again, Better the devil you know


By Justin Herald

Stickability, now you won’t find this word in a dictionary as I have made it up. This is what I believe is one of the biggest factors that most people overlook when trying to reach their own goals and dreams. Sticking to what we all started all of those years ago is really the key to completing the desired outcome.

I know that you may read this article and at some point you may say to yourself “I know that!” Well why then are there so many people today who are now realising that they need to get back on track?

I don’t for a minute claim to be teaching you anything new. As they say, you can’t re-invent the wheel, but what I am endeavouring to do is to make the wheel roll a bit better, by explaining things in a way that I view them or in a way that will make a bit more practical sense.

What goals or dreams did you have that you have just let go? What is it that if only you stuck it out through the tough times would you have been able to achieve?

Too many times we are all guilty of changing our mind and even our direction to take a different and less challenging path. One that is easier for us to handle just because we have failed to stick to our original plan and goal. That is fine if you just want to get by in life, but if you are like me you should want to fulfil those dreams that you have had for a long time and open yourself up to a new part of your life.

It is easy to stick to your direction and path when things are going well, when everything seems to be going in a direction that you are happy with. You are on cloud nine. You know, the times when no matter what you do it all seems to turn to gold. You can’t seem to do anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with that; in fact that is what we all need to get to.

Those are the times when we all think we are bullet proof. Then reality hits. Something goes a bit left of centre. Then it is panic stations. We start to over-react causing us to get way off the path we were heading. Then we seem to want to give up as we think that this is the best course of action. You see it is through the hard times, through the periods that things just aren’t working for us that we will learn more about ourselves than through the good times. It is our “stickability” in those hard times that will get us to our goals.

If only we see past the problems that are staring us in the face and push through those barriers we seem to think are stopping us from reaching those goals and dreams that we have set for ourselves. Then we will open ourselves up to new and exciting challenges that will takes us to where we want to go and potentially even further.

I believe that it is the tough times, the times when things need a lot of work and effort that shape us for life.  If you give up to early and not stick things out, you will then instil a defeatist mentality, one that will shape your future actions and reactions in a negative way.

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Overcoming Mal-illumination and Sunlight Deprivation. “Light has an enormous range of biological effects. The excitement today is in learning how to use them to cure depression and disease.” Smithsonian Magazine

For thousands of years mankind was almost completely dependent upon the sun for light. Before Edison invented the incandescent light bulb, man was basically a creature of the outdoors. In our own way, we were part and parcel of nature itself. We would bask in natural sunlight on a daily basis as we toiled to make ends meet in open fields, open marketplaces and open business shops.

But over the past 100 years, our way of life has changed dramatically. And one of the major little-noted, yet systematic and powerful changes is that mankind has been drawn more and more indoors since the advent of Mr. Edison’s artificial light. Our daily dependence upon the sun has been almost completely disrupted.

Thus, our once frequent and significant daily exposure to natural sunlight has been radically diminished in the space of less than three generations.  What’s most devastating is the fact that the vast majority of the population of the modern developed world tries to avoid the sun, due to the increasing mass media fear campaigns describing it’s damaging effects. The result is that we have more mal-illumination, depression and suicide than ever before and people who have advanced stages of cancer are missing out on one of the most critical elements for overcoming their disease.

Today, more than at any time in history, we do most of our day-to-day living indoors under artificial light. We work in windowless offices. We attend sports events and other entertainments chiefly indoors, or at night, under artificial light. We lounge in the comforts of our homes with windows and drapes usually closed, venturing outside into natural light infrequently compared to past generations.

And even when we do venture outdoors, we often do so while hiding behind a wide array of products that quite effectively mask our bodies from natural light: sunglasses, hats and visors, tinted windows in our cars, skin creams and sun lotions, makeup products, expensive clothing, and other manifestation’s of today’s modern culture.

Only two generations ago the average person would receive approximately three to six hours of natural sunlight per day. Today, the average individual receives, at best, about 30 to 45 minutes of natural light per day.

Yes research has now shown that the full-spectrum rays of daylight are absolutely crucial to the entire human body. The sun is not there to kill you!  It never has been and it never will be (regardless of how many ‘bought and paid for’ media campaigns tell you otherwise).  The sun is not an enemy of modern mankind.  The sun delivers the same vital life-giving nutrients that it always has done.  In many ways, these vital nutrients are just as crucial as the life-sustaining nutrients we receive from food and drink and air.  Regular exposure to full-spectrum light is the essential catalyst that stimulates our endocrine system, through which good emotional, mental and physical health are maintained.

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Nothing comes easy

By Justin Herald

I am constantly approached by people when I am speaking at an event and asked the same two

questions  “How easy is it to become rich?” and, “How can I become rich really fast?”

 I am still amazed at the thought process that must be going on in these people’s heads.

You see the prize doesn’t go to the first person to reach a million dollars in their life or the person who dies with the most money in the back. Your prize is the fact that you have attempted something and it has worked. Whether that is a financial goal or a personal goal, the end result is still the same. SATISFACTION!

There are no short cuts to success.

Sure there are a lot of seminars out there promising to show you “all the secrets of the rich that they thought would never get out” but that is a load of hog wash.

We all need to understand that to reach a level of success will take us a while and will be filled with a lot of up and down experiences.

Recently I had two very different experiences that I hope will highlight the two different ways people view reaching and experiencing success.

Tara was a young lady who rang me one day for some advice about her business that was just in its start up phase. She was struggling with the day to day processes of setting this business up and she was finding it a bit daunting. After speaking to her for a while and giving her some of my experiences where she was at she seemed to lift and seemed fairly confident that she could overcome her issues.

About a month later I gave her a quick call to see how things were going for her. Her situation wasn’t a great deal better but her attitude towards fulfilling her dreams seemed to be right on track. She seemed to have a new spark in her voice. I asked her what it was and she told me that “no matter what, she was going to succeed” She also stated that she knew that reaching a level of financial freedom was not going to be easy but she wasn’t going to allow herself to give up.

Then there is Simon. Simon approached me about the same time as Tara. Simon was also struggling with his business. The difference between Simon and Tara was that Simon expected everyone else to get him to where he wanted to go. I also sat down with Simon and gave him more time than I did with Tara. He was a very draining person. You may have met people like Simon before. You know the type that no matter what you say or what advice you give them, there is always an answer or a reason why your way wouldn’t work? Well that was Simon. I showed him very simple principals that if implemented, they would take his business to the next level.

I also contacted Simon a few weeks later to see how he was going. Well, I shouldn’t have. Because all I had to listen to was his whinging and whining. He was frustrated not with himself, but with me, because he didn’t want to do what I told him. He wanted an easier way, something that would save him time and effort whilst also making him money.

He was not prepared to put in the hard yards to get what he wanted.

You see if there are things that you want that you don’t already have, then extra effort will be required. Whilst I realise that this may seem to be a common sense statement; you would be surprised by the amount of Simon’s out there and the lack of Tara’s. Only one of the two people that I have mentioned in this article will even have a slim chance at reaching their desired success.

There are no guarantees that any of us will reach success. Just because you would like to become successful doesn’t really mean anything. The minute you acknowledge to yourself that you are going to do what ever it takes, and that nothing comes easy, will be the minute that you are finally on your way at least to seeing some success in your life.

Never give up. Go on I dare you!

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10% of Something is better than 100% of Nothing


You and I both know people who spend all their energy telling you what they are going to do without actually doing it. I too am guilty from time to time but one thing I have learned is that 10 percent of something is better than 100 percent of nothing. This is not an editorial for doing next to nothing or being sloppy, but so many people plan and plan and plan and plan and never take action. Imagine where we would be if more people too action.

Why do people not take action? Often it is fear of failure; equally, it can be fear of success. Some years ago as a sales manager I had a guy called Brian on my team. On December 1 Brian was the leading salesperson in the company, at which point he decided to go on leave for the rest of the year. Why? He never wanted to win, because he was scared if he came top we would always expect that level of result from him. It was easier to let go.

Most readers have tried to manifest some dreams and I am not saying it’s bad to focus on winning lotto but if you wish to have a better life and more success, start acting, don’t just dream. Buy a new suit perhaps or clean up your office. Take a small step today and you will reach your future faster.

Few journeys are completed in a huge leap and there are advantages in doing it in stages. If you have to go from Singapore to London, the first step is to buy a ticket. That’s in fact 10 percent of the journey complete. Then get in the cab and go to the airport, another five percent, Check in and get on the plane a further five percent and finally let someone else do the work (the pilot) and you will be taken there. This is often the way life is. You actually don’t have to do it all yourself. Simply start the ball rolling and someone else may take it over from there and you will still reach your destination.

Mostly, we tend to plan and give up, plan and give up. By taking just a few baby steps in our plan it will manifest much quicker than we might imagine. I have heard Roger Hamilton say that your wealth is directly proportional to what you have a stakeholding in and who has a stakeholding in you. To have a stakeholding it doesn’t mean you have to own the project. For ‘creators’ they should create the business and get someone to run it. For the ‘supporters’, find a business that needs your skills and get an equity stake. You will only make progress if you take action. Get off your behind and do something.

When the editor of a magazine I write for told me my article was due I was surprised. I thought he had my column for this month, but he didn’t. Within minutes I was off my behind and writing this article. I am not even spell checking it as I have a flight to catch and a big trip to go on — that’s where other members of the team come in — to round out our imperfections and create a greater result.

One of the greatest salespeople I know, a man called Jeff from a small rural town in Australia, made $1.6m last year. One of the secrets to his success is that he made two appointments first thing every morning. He would come into the office, pick up the phone and dial from his pre prepared list until he got two appointments. This would take him about 10 minutes. Everyone else in the same office was busy making a morning coffee and reading the newspaper. In that 10 minutes I calculated Jeff added another $120,000 to his annual income, while everyone else was having coffee.

What should you be doing while everyone else is focusing on unimportant stuff? By improving just one percent every week you will have a compound effect of over 65 percent improvement in one year. That could be your income and who wouldn’t want to be earning 65 percent more than last year? If you have a lot of things hanging around that you should do but just don’t want to then try the ‘Hour of Power.’ The ‘Hour of Power’ is where for one hour you just go for it with all those things you don’t like doing. If fact set an ‘Hour of Power’ every week and you will soon find you make big leaps in getting through the more torturous stuff.

It’s not getting it perfect that matters. It’s getting it started that makes the difference. Do something towards your goal today and put little rewards along the way too, not just a big reward at the end. A coffee from your favourite café is a great way to reward yourself after your ‘Hour of Power’.

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